Don Mclean, Singer of “American Pie,” Discusses the Underlying Meaning of His 50-year-old Song!

Don McLean discusses what Garth Brooks, a legendary figure in country music, had to say about the classic.

Don McLean, the singer who made famous the song “American Pie,” has been performing his hit for the past half a century.

McLean recently gave an interview to Fox News Digital, during which he discussed the praise that he received from country music legend Garth Brooks

The project centers on McLean and his verse “the day the music died,” which will have its world premiere on Tuesday on Paramount+.

According to what McLean heard, the musician believed it to be “possibly one of the finest songs in the history of music.

“The musicians weren’t able to play the song, the producer didn’t think I had any talent, and I decided to work with him nonetheless.

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