Don't Breathe 3 Release Date


As a result, Don’t Breathe 2 was created, with Don’t Breathe’s writer Rodo Sayagues taking over the sequel’s directing duties.


Brendan Sexton III is the actor that portrays Raylan. Stephanie Arcila, who plays Hernandez, and Steffan Rhodri, who plays The Surgeon.

Is This Happening?

It is currently unknown if there will be a third Don’t Breathe film produced because Screen Gems and Stage 6 Films have not yet confirmed their involvement.


In the final scene of “Don’t Breathe 2,” Norman can be seen viciously abusing Phoenix’s father.


There is no official trailer for Season 2 yet. We will notify you once it is available.

Is “Don’t Breathe” true?

Don’t Breathe isn’t based on genuine events.

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