‘Elder Abuse’ Claimed Against Ferris Bueller Star!

One of the stars of the 1980s classic comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is supposedly a victim of elder abuse in her own home, which is really sad news.

A legal team representing actress Edie McClurg has reportedly filed a restraining order against Michael Ramos, an unemployed guy who has been at her home for some time.

As Edie McClurg developed dementia, her attorneys assert that Michael Ramos “finagled” his way into her home and finances and must be removed.

She was placed under conservatorship in the state of California because she was found incapable of living independently without monitoring

A 2019 court order reportedly prohibited Michael Ramos from attempting to marry Edie McClurg while allowing him to live at her residence.

She has appeared in a number of other well-known films, including NaturalBorn Killers by Oliver Stone, Carrie by Brian de Palma, and A River Runs Through It.

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