A Loyal Dog Protects an Unaware Owner From a Dangerous Snake Bite!

After making the ultimate sacrifice to save his master from being bitten by a poisonous snake, a devoted canine is being lauded as a hero by the public.

Spike, a Yorkshire terrier, discovered a poisonous cobra in the backyard of the house in South Africa where he was staying and attacked it before it could reach his owner, Louise Grobler.

The ten-year-old family dog killed the snake just a few feet away from the mum-of-four but was bitten in the mouth.

Louise, 42, is now paying tribute to her companion, Spike, claiming that the courageous efforts he took saved her life.

Canines have always been thought of as man’s best friend, and there are countless heroic stories that involve dogs who were faithful to their people.

A veterinary physician had suggested that the dog receive a saline infusion every two hours for the next 15 days.