Is Chase and Madelyn Back Together or Are They Still Dating?

The relationship status between Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes, or lack thereof, is something that continues to baffle everyone.

Even though they make believable on-screen love interests, the two appear to have a more challenging relationship outside the camera.

Nobody is quite sure what to make of the duo, but the most recent update from OBX has heightened everyone’s expectations that they will get back together…

Chase also posted both photos to his Instagram account with the caption “welcome back,” as fans went crazy over him holding Madelyn’s hand.

Before we get too excited, remember that they are still an on-screen couple, so if this is still from filming, they could be holding hands as John B and Sarah Cameron.

Rumors were circulating that Cline was leaving OBX because he and Stokes appeared to be growing apart.

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