Jack Absolute Flies Again Review: Failure to Take Off for a Wartime Comedy of Manners!

Jack Absolute is the humorously deceitful, arch mischief-maker in Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s The Rivals, which specializes in love, farce, fake identities, and 18th-century social satire.

Richard Bean and Oliver Chris drew inspiration from Sheridan’s comedy of manners and combined it with warm, nostalgic, oh-so-British wartime humor.

In this translation, the absurdity and humor occasionally kindle, but Sheridan’s razor-sharp lines and social class critiques are largely rendered toothless.

Lydia has a desperate infatuation with the working-class northern mechanic Dudley Scunthorpe, who is portrayed by Kelvin Fletcher.

At nearly three hours on its final night of previews, this comedy felt contrived, unimaginative, and stretched out to me.

The serious drama of battle remains in the background with the exception of a Battle of Britain reenactmen

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