Kenneth Petty, The Husband of Nicki Minaj, Has Been Sentenced to Home Detention!

Kenneth Petty has been informed of the decision on his destiny after a tense back and forth regarding whether or not he intentionally failed to register as a sexual offender.

After moving to California without first registering with the state, Petty became embroiled in a legal battle, which Nicki Minaj‘s husband is now a party.

According to reports, the rapper’s husband was sentenced to time in prison after pleading guilty to a case of attempted rape many years ago.

In addition to his three years of probation, Petty will serve his sentence of one year of in-home detention instead of going to prison for his crime.

In addition, the United States Attorney’s Office claimed that Petty is required to pay a fine of $55,000.

Although it is not anticipated that the notoriously secretive couple will comment on this matter in any way.

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