Matthew and Woody Reunite for Paddleboarding in Croatia

Years after Woody Harrelson disclosed that he goes on “friendship tours” with the group, photographs have surfaced of him and Matthew McConaughey in Croatia with Chris Rock and Sacha Baron Cohen.

The cast members of True Detective, along with some of their pals, were photographed paddleboarding together on Sunday in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Is it possible that they have separate mothers? On Instagram, Matthew McConaughey playfully posted a photo taken in December 2019

At that moment, he explained. “You should go over there, stay the night, and drink yourself stupid there. Great.”

On Saturday, Harrelson and his wife, Laura Louie, were spotted on the water in Croatia.

At a different point, the actor who played Peeta in The Hunger Games could be seen pumping his fist.

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