Ms. Marvel’s Showrunner’s First Season: Open Up and Its Shocking Reveals

After 15 years with the MCU, Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige is skilled at compartmentalizing information.

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah shot the now-famous sequence in which Kamala Khan is revealed to be a mutant with no context.

“We had a lot of unanswered questions when we read the scene,” El Arbi explains.

Ms. Marvel Season 1 was a stylish and energizing take on the typical Marvel origin story, underpinned by family drama and the sweep of history.

“It’s not just Ms. Marvel is a more personal story with smaller stakes; it’s not just that I share a name and a culture with the protagonist Kamala Khan.

Ms. Marvel, on the other hand, can tie it all together with an exciting, emotional finale in which Kamala discovers her name and costume thanks to her family.

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