Oklahoma State Dismisses National Champion Wrestler A.J. Ferrari Amidst an Investigation of Sexual Assault!

According to The Oklahoman, Oklahoma State has removed A.J. Ferrari from its wrestling program in the midst of a sexual assault investigation into the athlete

On July 5, a protective order against Ferrari was apparently submitted by a lady from Stillwater, but the details of the situation are reportedly unavailable.

In a statement that was released on Wednesday, the Stillwater Police Department confirmed that Ferrari, whose full name is Albert James Ferrari Jr., was the suspect in a sexual assault investigation stemming from an event that occurred on July 2:

The Stillwater Police Department responded to a report of a sexual assault investigation that took place inside our jurisdiction at four o’clock on the afternoon of Saturday, July 2, 2022.

The incident took place within our jurisdiction. It has been determined that Albert James Ferrari Jr. is the person responsible for this crime.

The horrific rollover automobile accident that Ferrari was engaged in during the month of January put a halt to his second year of racing.

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