The Time Traveler’s Wife Review: Is There A Happy Ending To It?

In the words of Alan Bennett, a classic is a Film that everyone assumes to have Seen and often assumes to have read.

The formula for a modern bestseller simply needs to be tweaked slightly; a book everyone feels they’ve read, even if they’ve gone out of their way to avoid it.

As a result, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger’s debut novel, has sold millions of copies since it was published in 2003.

His condition permits him to go back and forth between the past and the future at will, landing in a bewildered and naked state at any given point in space and time.

He gets better at finding his feet (and some clothing) each time. He finds his soulmate, Clare, on one of his many nonchronological adventures.

Many times they are torn apart, only to be reunited weeks, months, or even years later in a more or less romantic setting depending on the ages of both parties.