Three Are Accused of Stealing Lyrics From Don Henley of the Eagles!

The police in New York have brought charges against three persons for their possession of one hundred pages worth of lyric notes written by Eagles vocalist Don Henley.

According to the records from the court case, the manuscripts were initially taken without permission by a writer who had been commissioned to compose a biography of the rock band more than four decades ago.

After finding that some of his manuscripts had been taken, Henley decided to take action on his own, which included filing a report with the police.

The individuals who are suspected of being involved in the alleged theft fought Henley in a struggle that lasted for years in an effort to stop him from retrieving the stolen material.

This was Horowitz’s attempt to avoid being criminally charged for his actions.

“New York is a world-class center for art and culture, and anyone who trades in cultural objects is required to adhere to the law with the utmost diligence.

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