What is the Relationship Between Cindy and Taylor?

The team of Cindy and Taylor, fans of Baking Impossible, competed against the other contestants. Do they now date despite the sweets?

Baking Impossible has no limits, offering everything from chocolate confections styled after sushi to imaginary ships with flying dragons.

Cindy and Taylor are the most powerful couple on Netflix’s Baking Impossible. On Baking Impossible, bakers and engineers work together to create something unique and delicious

Furthermore, the chief judge, Andrew Smyth, encourages the teams to create various shapes out of edible materials and to prepare desserts that relate to the task’s theme.

Cindy, 30 years old, is a fan favorite on the show. Cindy’s Little Cakery is her business.

Meanwhile, fans want to know if Cindy and Taylor are dating. We can confirm that they are not. Cindy is in a relationship with Jason, her boyfriend.

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