World War Z 2 Release Date: What Will Be the Plot Season 2?

World War Z was released seven years ago, and it’s been nearly as long since Paramount has been rumored to be working on a sequel.

The zombie film, based on Max Brooks’ novel of the same name, was a surprise box office success, grossing more than $500 million worldwide.

“He gave an explanation, which is ambiguous enough to provide us with the hope that World War Z 2 might occur in the future.

The original photo was released decades ago, and fans have yet to see the sequel. They are hoping for a follow-up update to World War Z 2 soon.

Brad Pitt is on board to reprise his leading role as intrepid zombie fighter and former UN investigator Gerry Lane if the sequel materialises

The world-traveling original film offered a glimpse of hope for humanity’s survival against the hordes of the undead

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