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Offgun Dating: Offgun Confirmed They Are Officially Dating!

The iconic duo OffGun consists of Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn (1991) and Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat (1993). They’re colleagues, best friends and have been a well-known double act together for many years, starring in multiple shows together, both as a couple and in other roles.

As the side duo Pick (Off) & Rome, they were their first onscreen pairing (Gun). Pick is pals with Porche, the male lead, while Rome is friends with Emma, the female lead.

Pick and Rome naturally find themselves spending more time with each other as the main couple’s involvement with one other grows more apparent, and a romance of their own develops.

Despite the fact that their romance does not progress very far during the series, audiences were captivated by their chemistry, prompting the production of a sequel.

Offgun is dating Gun Atthaphan. Offgun confirmed his relationship through a video with Atthapan. Fans get excited and have goosebumps to see the couple together. It looks they are unaware of when the shots were captured. Fans commented on the post as:

One of them commented as: “Looking at some YT videos, it feels like Off is often on his phone and Gun is kissing him. And since it’s on YT, those are not private moments. It also feels they both seem well aware of the cameras around, even when the shots seem to be capturing a “private” moment :-)”.


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