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The Bachelor: With the Return of Ashley Laconetti, Reality Show is Set to Spice up Things Further

The biggest crier in the reality show’s history is making a surprise comeback

Usually, it takes contestants on the ABC show, The Bachelor have trouble opening up to other people, but nobody had to worry about that when it comes to Ashley Laconetti. In fact, what she needed was “toning it down.”

As someone who has made her own history in the show, Ashley owes her success to bursting into tears at any given moment. In fact, she has cried more than any other contestant in the show. The Italian American reality star, 32, has cried more times than we can count, but her most dramatic one was when she got dumped by Chris Souls. When Chris dumped her during a two-on-one date in the Badlands, Ashley was crying so hysterically that she was listed by host Chris Harrison as one of the most dramatic contestants of all time.

Ashley’s return

Ashley Laconetti

To summarise, Ashley had a pretty rough time on the show since she was never able to stop crying all the time, and the audience wasn’t really kind about it either. But she did find love, and married fellow Bachelor alum Jared Haibon. So what’s she doing now?

From the previews, it seems that Ashley will be arriving at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort to give current contestant Matt James some dating tips. It also seems like she will be arranging a special group date for the other women to increase their chances with the bachelor. But did she cry during the episode?

Nope. It seems Ashley has accomplished that objective, and even Chris Harrison was surprised, and he even tweeted about it. When a troll popped in to say Ashley was trying to stay relevant as her podcast wasn’t enough, but Chris replied that she came because they asked her to.

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