Deadly Yoga Retreat: What Is the Synopsis of Deadly Yoga Retreat?


America’s Deadly Yoga Retreat is a thriller film. A woman whose marriage is disintegrating is invited to a private yoga retreat in Hawaii. As soon as she arrives in paradise, she realizes that the renowned guru who runs the retreat is a psychopath who is stalking and murdering the guests.


The cast of the film includes

  • Jonathan Bennett (A Country Romance),
  • Danielle C. Ryan (Love, Lost & Found),
  • Ashley Brinkman (Welcome to Hope),
  • Geronimo Son (NCIS: Hawaii),
  • Jennifer Rikert Wolski (The Second Coming of Christ),
  • Ashlyn Ani (Fragments),
  • Danielle Delaunay (I Know What You Did Last Summer).

deadly yoga retreat

The film appears to be full of suspense. Brian Herzlinger directed the film Deadly Yoga Retreat, which was written by Robert Black and Brian Herzlinger.

Release Date

Lifetime will air the Deadly Yoga Retreat on Sunday, June 5 at 8 pm/7c.

What Is the Synopsis of Deadly Yoga Retreat?

Something must be done to save Isabella and Patrick’s marriage, which is disintegrating. When Isabella is invited to an elite yoga retreat in Hawaii led by the renowned yoga master Remy Morrow, Patrick recommends she attend in an effort to discover herself.

Hopefully, this time apart and Isabella’s opportunity to concentrate will enhance their relationship. But when Isabella arrives in paradise, she quickly realizes that neither the retreat nor Remy are what they appear to be.

Isabella must physically and emotionally test herself to survive a psychopath who is following and murdering retreat attendees. Once he sets his sights on her, bliss transforms into horror on earth. Starring Jonathan Bennett and Danielle C. Ryan (2022)

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Recap/Wine Reflections

As promised, the film begins on a yoga retreat equipped with picturesque waterfalls. (Oh, and a murderer!) A young couple is enjoying a waterfall when a murderer (obviously Jonathan Bennett wearing a baseball cap) slits a girl’s throat and then walks away. (RUDE!)

Isabella and her husband Patrick are shown. She misses teaching yoga after deciding to pursue law school instead. A yoga retreat invitation from yoga guru Remington Morrow (a.k.a. Jonathan Bennett). She reserves a flight immediately.

Jonathan Bennett greets the yogis, who are all attractive women. He informs them that he can remove anyone from the program at any time. Nina is immediately dismissed from the program for falling on the mat during the morning practice.

Jonathan Bennett meets Nina while consuming a shrimp platter. She is married and hence declines his proposal. Nina is allergic to shrimp, so he becomes upset and forces-feeds her the food. (She experiences a severe allergic reaction.) Bye Nina!

Jonathan Bennett exerts extreme pressure on his students in class, causing Gretchen to faint from weariness. The resort manager, Jeffery, turns a blind eye and even assists Jonathan Bennett in concealing his killings.

deadly yoga retreat

Gretchen weeps because she does not wish to depart. She begs Jonathan Bennett to stay and promises to do whatever to keep him. Including sexual activity on the beach. Even after a sexual encounter, Jonathan Bennett sends her home. When she threatens to reveal his identity, he breaks her neck.

At a luau, Jonathan Bennett gives a speech and picks a few students for a spectacular yoga excursion up a mountain. He chooses Lisa, Pam, Everly, and Isabella. After drinking copious amounts of champagne, the women flirt excessively with Jonathan Bennett, and it feels like an episode of The Bachelor.

Isabella observes Jonathan Bennett and Everly giggling on the beach while attempting to phone her husband. She then passes out for the night and wakes up the next day with a SEVERE hangover. Everly cannot be located and hence misses the mountain hike.

During the trek, Jonathan Bennett discusses his turbulent history. They pitch up camp, and Jonathan Bennett enters her tent before she closes it.

They continue going and reach the murder waterfall at the opening of the film. Fear, according to Jonathan Bennett, is the manifestation of the mind. Isabella is over him completely at this point.

At the highest altitude, they practice the ocean pearl stance, which involves standing on one leg. Isabella becomes anxious because Lisa, who has only one lung, struggles to manage her breathing. Jonathan Bennett remains with her while the other yogis flee for assistance. While strangling her, he makes bizarre facial expressions.

Pam loses her cool with Jonathan Bennett and informs him that she is going to denounce him to the authorities. Laughing, he stabs her in the chest. Isabella flees into the woods, and Jonathan Bennett pursues her while yelling “ISABEL!” in a manner similar to Jerry Lewis’ “HEY LADY!”

Isabella finds herself on the edge of the waterfall and does the pearl of the ocean stance to center herself prior to leaping off to avoid being stabbed by Jonathan Bennett. He dashes after her and pursues her further into the forest.

Jonathan Bennett reveals to Isabella his yoga secrets, which are that he has no insights. Isabella murders him and returns to the resort on foot.

The cops are discovering and placing dead in body bags everywhere. Jeffrey is apprehended. Isabella observes the setting sun, while her husband Patrick comes to her aid. They kiss, and she tells him she’s finally found what she’s been searching for: him.

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