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Breaking News: Sabrina Peterson accuses T.I. and his wife for human trafficking

Sabrina Peterson has exposed very dark face of T.I. and his wife Tameka Cottle also known as Tiny Harris. She has accused the couple of some serious allegations. This issue between the couple and Sabrina is taking a very huge a turn. In fact, it seems like Sabrina has all proof because her confidence reflects that. She exposed the couple with messages she has received from the victims. Sabrina posted these messages on her Instagram story.

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Almost 15 women have came forward and confessed similar experiences with the couple. In fact, a victim shared her experience which took place 4 years ago

She said that the incident took place in CIAA in Charlotte in 2016. The shameless face of the couple came forward when her phone was confiscated. This happened when she went to T.I. and Tiny’s hotel at Carlton. The party was including the drug sharing which includes Molly and Cocaine. Only guests who removed their pants were allowed to stay.┬áThis does not even stops here. Other victims’ experience is more ugly [we are not comparing but the level of cruelty the couple did according to Sabrina’s allegations is unimaginable].

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The same woman said that she watched T.I. dragging girls back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom or to the living room. A girl was literally crying because they refused to give her phone back and she was not able to go back to her home.

A witness also heard T.I. saying his security to pick the girl from his bed because she could not walk

He use “B***h” for the girl while talking to his security. Based on her own experience another woman described T.I. as a monster who can led to any evil events with his power and money. Another woman [she was working as an escort]told Sabrina that she was invited to have sex with T.I. and Tiny in return of payment. But then Tiny became jealous of her and kicked her out before T.I. could choke her.

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